Poem for Belle

Dear Belle – 


You are our angel.  We will cherish you forever

We hope you know how much you have given us –


a final thanksgiving filled with your love and life –

If there is one thing we are thankful for, it is you. 


For trusting healers and yourself – giving all of us another 12 years to be healed …  by you

For your affinity for dark men with afros … wearing orange – and the lessons he showed you

For endless bags of clay and just one more kiln to add to your collection –

with pots and vases and fish boxes–

For molding our lives like you did your clay – with such love and depth

And the softness in your voice –  like an angel …

And the way you hold babies like no one else can … talk to them in a language they will forever know


And of course, we are thankful for your inability to keep from telling us how things are – we never wondered where you stood …. On anything

We may have cringed at the tone or arguments – but you certainly had a way of convincing people … and somehow, they even managed to thank you and love you more afterwards.


We miss you so much --


You are the best grandma in the world --- x 4.

the best mom of two incredible kids, each so much like you but different in such special ways –

2 daughters and a son,  4 grandkids, a husband, countless surrogate children … and so many devoted friends and family …  all aching for you now … but somehow feeling you all around us.

In the first winter snow … and the mention of your name, we have already found you … and will long for the day you greet us again.


You showed us how to live – REALLY live –

A lifetime’s worth of love and lessons in only 50 years.

Who else could cut 100 years worth of living into the time you had with us –



We saw your pain but only you knew how much it hurt –

And you demanded to leave this world the way you came into it – just the way you wanted –

In your time, in your way. 


We will never forget you –

Whenever your grandkids jump rope and do cartwheels, or read and practice their spelling words, we’ll think of you and your infectious smile.

When we take road trips to san diego, we’ll talk about how 395 should be renamed after you – and how speeding tickets in lee vining are synonymous with your name.

When we look around our homes at the beautiful pottery you created, we will know you never left.


You will be in our hearts and our lives forever.