Baby Bereavement Gowns

There are few words that can ease the pain of losing such a new soul. Below is information on how to find baby bereavement gowns that will honor these littlest angels.

Micro Preemie and Preemie Bereavement Gowns

Baby Devine provides a preemie and fulltermbaby burial gown set. The bereavembaby bereavement gownent gown setfor boys is called Baby Gabriel and the bereavement gown set for girls is called Baby Gabrielle.

Jacqui's Preemie Pride sells two micro preemie bereavement gowns and also provides special orders as requested. Most orders are shipped within one business day. baby bereavement gown offers several micro-preemie and preemie baby bereavement gowns. baby bereavement gownOrders are shipped within three days via FedEx.



Bereavement Verse for Loss of a Child

God, Take This Child.... By Nancy Scott

Sweet child whom we never really got to know,
It’s hard for us to let you go.
We waited and we wanted you.
We had so many dreams for you.

We think of smiles we'll never see.
We think of events that will never be.
There will be no first steps and no first teeth.
There is only a void and our own grief.

We planned to take you to places far and near.
We yearned to keep you safe and free from fear.
We hoped to show you much of your new world.
We wanted to teach you as your life unfurled.

It’s hard to understand why you, our baby, died.
We feel so numb right now, many tears we’ve cried.
We have so many questions and no answers seem to come.
We tried so hard to save you; nothing could be done.

God, we stand before you broken-hearted
and ask you to heal these lives that must be parted
from this little one we can no longer hold,
who will always be a part of us, even when we're old.)

God, take this child in your loving arms.
No more can he suffer any harm.
Bless him always and bless us too.
Be with us and help us to make it through